Europe June 2007 
Highlight for Album: Freiburg June 2007
Album: Freiburg June 2007

A few hours at my grandma's, one week at home seeing my parents, brother, auntie, and friends, Till K's wedding, Berghotel visit... and marking assignments.
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Highlight for Album: ENLG 2007 - Schloß Dagstuhl
Album: ENLG 2007 - Schloß Dagstuhl

ENLG 2007 was held in an informatics conference centre in an old castle "Schloß Dagstuhl" near Saarbruecken.
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Highlight for Album: Aberdeen June 2007
Album: Aberdeen June 2007

Short lab visit and second workshop ticked in Aberdeen the grayest city I've ever been to.
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Highlight for Album: Prague June 2007
Album: Prague June 2007

12 years later - the architecture is still beautiful, beer and dumplings still tasty and the subway announcements the same, other than that everything is different. Oh and there was another conference of course...
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